typeface album cover
september 2018 - october 2018
This was one of the first projects I completed in my freshman year at Merrimack College. Out of a hat, we each picked certain years to which we would correspond with a typeface that come out within five years of it. With our year and typeface, we then were to design an album cover of a artist or band of that same era using that typeface.
my role
I drew the year 1970, which would correspond to the typeface, Bell Centennial. The band I chose to design an album cover for was Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). From there, I was to research on both the history of Bell Centennial and also 1970s album designs.
I began the project by doing a bit of research on the Bell Centennial typeface, learning about who designed it and for what purpose. I also did a little bit of research on 1970s album designs and ELO cover designs, but luckily I listen to a lot of ELO and other various 70s artists, so I was already familiar with the popular styles and looks. After that, I wanted to put some ideas down on paper, so I make about a dozen thumbnail sketches. Once I got my ideas narrowed down, I designed both the front and back cover in Adobe InDesign. I also utilized Adobe Illustrator to design the spaceship seen on the front and back.
successes / failures
I feel I had mostly successes on this project, especially when designing the front cover as it was one of my first ideas I came up with, and the design didn't go through any huge changes. The back cover I actually had to scrap and redo entirely. The original design I came up with felt disconnected to the front cover design, so I went back and came up with something much more cohesive.
final results and evaluation
Being as this was one of my first projects assigned at Merrimack College, with it I was able to successfully showcase my creativity, design understanding, and ability to listen to feedback and use it to better my work.
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