the kirk minihane show - barstool sports
september 2020 - may 2022
The Kirk Minihane Show from Barstool Sports is a comedy and current events podcast hosted by Kirk Minihane and produced by Steve Robinson. In September of 2020, Steve mentioned on an episode of the show that they were looking for interns, so I emailed him and was able to get a position doing all of the graphic design work for the show.
my role
As the graphic designer for the Kirk Minihane Show, after every episode is released, I create promo posts with clips from the episode that are posted on Twitter and Instagram. I also design and pitch merchandise for the show, which are sold on Barstool's website. Some of my other tasks I've done as graphic designer is designing video frames, logos for offshoot Youtube shows, and also advertising for any event or promotion involving The Kirk Minihane Show.

My process for creating the promo posts after each episode is that I of course, listen to the episode first. While listening, I'll timestamp certain portions that I think are good or funny, transcribing what is said. I'll then go back to each point and clip the audio on my phone. Once I have everything ready, I design the graphics for each portion I timestamped in Photoshop, then take those graphics and the clipped audio into Premiere, and finally into After Effects to add the waveform effect.
If I'm designing for merchandise, I will create the design in Illustrator, then put it on a mock-up in Photoshop. I'll usually design a few different variations and send them to the producer, who can approve them or suggest fixes.
successes / failures
Some of the successes I've had designing for The Kirk Minihane Show was a redesign of the brand including new looks for the logo, promo style, social media, and video frames. Also had many successful merchandise designs made available on Barstool's store website. Some failures were of course included in the design process, but I was able to take the criticism to get to a successful final product.
final results and evaluation
Working for The Kirk Minihane Show and Barstool Sports has provided me with great real-world design experience, especially the experience for working for a giant, fast-paced media company like Barstool Sports.
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