the case - barstool sports
january 2021 - may 2021
The Case is a new, true crime podcast from Barstool Sports created by Kirk Minihane. As the project was teased by Kirk Minihane in late 2020, being an intern for The Kirk Minihane Show, I offered to work on this new podcast. Kirk and his producer Steve agreed to bring me on and in late January of 2021, I was given info on the case and assets to use in any art I design and create.
my role
I was the lead graphic designer for the case podcast. I was first tasked with designing the main logo the podcast would use, as well as assets for social media pages. Once the logo was approved, I then designed logos for each episode of the season, helped design the website, designed merchandise, and designed video frames for use in livestreams. After each episode is released, I also design various promos for social media posts.
After being given and explained information on the case, I took to illustrator to design various possible logos for the podcast. Those logo designs were sent to Kirk Minihane and Steve Robinson for critique and suggestion. After narrowing the logo down to one design, I took the assets I was given previously (pictures) and designed a collage to use as a background for the logo. Once the logo was set and collage ready, the design style for the rest of the branding revealed itself.
successes / failures
I fortunately did not run into any big failures during this project, as I was given pretty much a free reign on design. Of course, the logo went through a few iterations as it was sent back and forth, but the process as a whole was very smooth.
final results and evaluation
After the first episode of the case was released, the podcast hit #3 on the top charts for all podcasts on Apple. From my work on The Case (and my prior and ongoing work for The Kirk Minihane Show), I was offered employment from Kirk Minihane, Steve Robinson, and Barstool Sports.
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